Hamble Cycles the World

Here we go guys and gals. Our New Website:

enables a more pictorial and inclusive way of following our progress "Around the World".

It is fairly basic at the moment but you can "add your miles", check "where we are now" and see "how you can earn miles" on the website.

Also by clicking on the appropriate buttons you can open the Google map extensions to virtually cycle along the route.

As well as the Whatsapp group it would be good if others can "follow" the route and blog about your experiences. For example If you have spent time in New Orleans (which we have just cycled through) - why not submit a blog with photos to me to publish on this site.

It is completely alright to embellish the tale as much as you like - make it fun & jaunty

Any other ideas as to how to make the site more interactive and inclusive - send them in.


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