We are a group of friends who enjoy social cycling on roads and trails in and around Hampshire - mostly the Hamble area, Isle of Wight, Meon & Test Valleys and the New Forest. We don’t take it too seriously.


We are not a club, do not charge admission fees and are not affiliated to Cycling UK or any other “official cycling organisations.”


Anyone who wants to get out into the great outdoors on their bike can join in, get fit and make new friends.

Our aim is to help all newcomers of whatever ability into the group, to help them find their level and enjoy cycling with others. There is always help to hand and someone of your own level to cycle with.


It is the individual cyclists responsibility to organise him/her self with regard to bike, fitness levels, insurance & getting to and from any meeting points. 


To join the group circulation you will need to contact the Group Lead, Peter Halliday who can be contacted on 07976 289650 or at peterhalliday5@icloud.com, or by pressing this Link and filling out the form....

All routes we do will be fine for mountain bikes or hybrids. Some routes we do will be fully on road and therefore ok for road bikes. Assume the former unless notified.

We are a social group, we ask you be social too upon joining. 


Keeeeeeeep cycling!