A change of Scenery

Arriving in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

An epic 2700 mile week stormed us through South Asia, Bangladesh, India and Nepal from the frenetic atmosphere of Bangladesh, the diversity of India to the foothills of the Himalayas just in time to get our flight from Amritsar on the Kashmiri border to Almaty in Kazakhstan for our next stage 8 though the "Stans" along the Silk Road towards Europe.

Our Destination this week.... The Port of Aktau, 2250 miles away open the Eastern shores of the Caspian Sea - The gateway to the Caucasus, Turkey and .....Europe

The Bangladesh National Cycle Club (Our cousins on wheels)

Katie, weaving through the traffic in India!

For more details of all areas we go through and the types of adventures we will experience check out Katie & Euan's blogs:

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