Following The Freewheelers. Our virtual, their reality

HI - Some of you may know that in 2016 & 2017 Our daughter Katie and her then boyfriend, now husband Euan, actually cycled around the world.

Hamble cycles the World is to a large extent following their route (we are going slightly further) and you will see some similarities between their website and ours, although theirs is a lot more graphic & accomplished.

Theirs is a tale worth reading as we cover our own journey around the world. It will help bring to life in pictures, maps, words and their highly commended blogs what it is actually like to do this.

Adventures and misadventures from curious weddings, alien lands, political curiosities to attacks by wild dogs and meeting wonderful people culminating in their own personal triumphs, this story has it all.

This is a link to their website. Enjoy ...

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