Bangladesh Border Closed - 750 mile detour

Swedagon Pagoda. Yangon.

So we got to Yangon, (Rangoon in old money), close to the Myanmar border with Bangladesh. After an epic 3,180 mile week we are faced with the border currently closed here due to political unrest between the two countries.

We have to go back to Mandalay to re- stamp our visas and then get a flight to Dhaka in Bangladesh. We've negotiated the best settlement with the authorities we can but it is still going to cost us 750 miles to move on.

Hey ho! This really did happen to Katie and Euan (The Freewheelers) on their actual journey in 2017. They headed back to Yangon and had to wait about 7 days to get flight clearance.

Last night I found myself reading their BLOGS once again. I would RECOMMEND them to anyone as there is a "light" insight into their journey, the people they met and the places they saw, things that happened to them along the way as well as some amusing political anecdotes, historical facts and social commenting.

This is the Link to their South East Asia blogs

which includes the frenetic melting pot which is Bangladesh, our next country, before we head North to Nepal in site of Everest, India and the Pakistan border. - Map 7 which is now on the website

If you want more pics and commentary - You can also find the rest of their journey at

We are getting so fit ---Keeeeeeep Cycling!

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